all you ever gave me are heartaches thinking about you hurts being with you hurts remembering our past hurts everything hurts all this because I was too foolish to fall, to love, to be with you. all these heartache for love all this love for naught never reciprocated never really given but kept hidden afraid... Continue Reading →


Chocolate Pudding

all our friends don't even know i bet your own best friend have no idea do you ever share stories about me? i keep all our memories in my heart all alone, frozen the days have been long a year or two does that even matter to you? you're already with someone else engaged, to... Continue Reading →

Prose 092617

Last night you woke me up. There were no dreams. Only pain and constant wakefulness. We haven’t talked for a while. For a really long time. I haven’t been me and I haven’t been with you. Nor do I consciously seek you. But the thought of you is always there every morning, and every night... Continue Reading →

Move Forward

A reflection on Matthew Leonard’s “The 3 Stages of Interior Life” by Hope Reyes  Have you ever been to an amusement park? All the rides are continuously moving, up and down, left or right, forward and back. The only time the rides are static is when it isn’t moving at all. Our lives are like... Continue Reading →

Be Vigilant at All Times

A reflection by Hope Reyes on the book “Following Christ” by Frank Padilla. Everyone is invited to follow Christ, and it is our life’s purpose to be Jesus Christ to others. To become His hands and feet, Jesus’ body here on earth. But these things are easier said than done. Knowing Christ doesn’t automatically mean... Continue Reading →

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