lessons in life

Lessons learned from past experiences:

In life…..
1. 2 beses bumabalik ang karma

2. history repeats itself

3. kung gaano ka kasaya ngayon, magiging ganyan ka rin kalungkot kinabukasan.

4. always remember na at least you learned, at least you tried.

5. sa bawat experience my natututunan

6. always learn you lessons.

7. change for the better, change for the future

8. when all else fails, don’t give up, keep moving forward..

9. don’t lose hope

10. waiting is good for you, it exercises your patience.

11. don’t expect anything in return

12. enjoy the ride(life, experience, feeling, etc.), just don’t get used to it.

13. find happiness in yourself, the things around you, don’t base your happiness on other people.

14. as long as you’re happy, then its good.

15. wag masyadong magmadali, take it slow.

16. kapag hindi nagworkout sa first time, it doesn’t mean na mali ito and hindi na ito magwowork forever.

17. there is always a second chance.  always. (and if there isnt, then make one!)

18. don’t be pessimistic

19. be optimistic.

20. don’t overwork yourself

21. Nothing is forever, everything is just temporary. (so just do it!)

22. don’t close your door to the past.

23. close the door to your past so it does not haunt you. (totally contradictory to no.22)

24. leave the past behind. look forward to the future. live at the present.

25. suicide is an option. but its not a healthy one. once you do it, there’s no turning back.

26. learn your lessons. (you dont want to repeat negative experiences over and over again do you?)

27. doing dangerous things is healthy. it keeps you active. not BORING!

28. if your work is too safe. do something dangerous.

29. have something you believe in to survive. believe in yourself before others.

30. dont hate your past. you’ll never know when it’ll haunt you.

do you have other tips? add it up at the comment box! 😉

2 thoughts on “lessons in life

  1. very nice lessons… I myself have learned these. the hard way. =)…

    another one: don’t leave your emotions bottled up; you may lose your only chance with someone you love

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