what do i really want??

so like always, im doing nothing, again! well no, not really. im just helping out with the family business.

and what do iĀ really do here? iĀ just hangout here at the office. do some office work (mostly my parents would ask me to do this, do that, those kind of stuff), be a substitute teacher when some teachers are absent. and no, Ā i did not take education as may college degree.

im a graduate of BS-HRIM major in travel and tourism management. and obviously iĀ do not have a job at the moment though iĀ would like to have one, i mean, who doesnt?

anyway, my mind is fixedĀ on studying, again, (i recently graduated last oct. 2009) and taking up masters in clinical psychology. and why would iĀ do that? because iĀ never liked my course (BS-HRIM), and why did i take it in the first place?

well, its becauseĀ of the university iĀ studied at. Ā my dad said he’d enroll me at CSBĀ and that which course would iĀ like to take, so i said the most famous/well knownĀ course of the college, which was it(BS-HRIM). its ironic really, because back in highschool iĀ use to say i’dĀ take any degree or course there is exceptĀ BS-HRM, which is what i ended up with.

you’re thinking why didntĀ i quit half way or shifted to another course. well, there’s this rule in our family kung gusto mongĀ magshift, magtanimĀ ka nalangĀ ng kamoteĀ sa bicol (if you wanna shift to a different course/degree, it’ll be better if you just stop and plant sweet potatoes in the province) so there, but hey, i graduated with flying colors so its not really a waste. i hope. though not being able to work after graduation is like being a failure.

because in life we need to: study->graduate->work. i’veĀ done the first 2 but work? yeah right. i’llĀ just study again and finally get a work after that šŸ˜› its notĀ that im not competent enough that iĀ dontĀ have Ā a job. its just that, i havent submitted my resumes/cv’s to different companies/hotels/airlines yet.

iĀ believe back in highschool iĀ wanted to take up computer science and be a programmer. lol. a far cry to what i took up. and after graduating i really do believe i took up the wrong course. having second thoughts that are really too late now. like taking up multimedia arts (im creative! :P) and being a great photographer, or a web designer. taking up information system. well these courses are offeredĀ in my alma matter. not that im advertising/promoting it in some way.

but what i really want, is to beĀ able to work outdoors, like travel for free(because its part of my job), or maybe be a biologist and study nature, or a be geologist?? i just wanna travel, work with nature, explore, have fun, be under the sun or the stars. not in a square room sitting all day and just gaining weight in the process. Ā because i dont wanna be indoors. im easily bored. Ā and there’s no fun doing office work or being at one place everyday, ugh..

aside from planning to take up clinical psychology, which im really interested at, iĀ also want to take up creative writing (iĀ told you iĀ was creative šŸ˜› i mean i love makingĀ up short stories, evenĀ impromptuĀ stories and poems) i guess im just a frustrated writer and that i want to enhance my ‘talent/skill’ i guess. maybe i’ll take it after studying clinical psychology.

wow. i really dontĀ have any plans on working do it?? all i wanna do is study or just have fun and be outdoors. now what should i really do??

so what do you think?? leave a comment šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “what do i really want??

  1. Did you never like BS HRIM? I actually was planning on taking that course. What are the things that you did and did not enjoy?

    • I didn’t like to take it at first since I believe there were other courses that would fit me. If you’d like to take up BS HRIM then I would advise you to do so. Do and study what you want/like and don’t follow other people’s advice since this is your life. You have to make the most out of it that would make you happy and content in the end.

      Anyway to answer your question, I didn’t like it at first but came to love it as I were studying, like my post reads, I love traveling and I got to do that when I was taking up BS HRIM at CSB. The only thing I didn’t like I guess was working at an office, or working office hours. Since I’d rather travel and explore. I guess the reason I didn’t like it was that it didn’t really fit my personality and my lifestyle. That’s why I didn’t get to use my course that much compared to others.

      Looking back, I think I would rather have taken up journalism or creative writing programs that would help me achieve what I really want. And I think for you my dear, if BS HRIM really fits what you want to become in the future and you see yourself as one, then it would truly suit and benefit you to take it. God bless on your endeavors šŸ˜‰

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