lambingan moments

i like it when my parents cuddle (make lambing lambing and kulitan) with each other. its soooo super duper sweet and cute! 😀 its one way of showing their affections. especially when they tickle and really make super kulet with each other to the point of irritation which is soo fun! 

well i like it because you dont see your parents act like lovers all the time right? i mean they’re usually your parents, as mom and dad, not husband and wife right?

so moments like this are really a ‘must’ see moment 😛

2 thoughts on “lambingan moments

  1. I love those moments too! It’s almost mindblowing when you realize, “wait? My parents actually like each other?!” And then you go “doh they made me”. =) usually it’s quite refreshing since they usually argue about random stuff =P

    • yes.. i super agree with you.. and its really really fun when you see them ‘annoy’ each other..hahahaha 😛 😀

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