Sordid Love Affair

love that binds

love that blinds

common mistakes,

makes things worst

affairs that kills.

why do you like the feeling of immorality?

the nasty taste of dishonesty.

why do you smile when i get hurt?

the long years of yore

makes me wonder why im here right now with you.

why do you like public attention?

displaying intimacy everywhere.

scattering bits and pieces of me.

making my life a misery.

what is love

when the things you do to me is not even considered as love.

how foolish am i to love someone like you.

and to think we would last for eternity.

i might be hallucinating when im with you.

like taking a fix,

running through my veins. never letting anyone in but you.

im trapped in your world of confusion.

trapped in this world of hysteria.

never letting go.

always losing hope.

how can you be so cruel?

so ruthless that you dont believe in anything else but yourself. so selfish.

soย self centered.

callousness has made you like that.

the past has nothing to do with this.

this is all your fault.

your wrong doings are now putting you down.

there’s no where else for you to go to.

rot and stay there.

be desolate. the solitary feeling will do you good. and kill you once and for all.

and now, one thing’s for sure.

i never loved you

that’s all.

this is one of my oldest poem ever, and i still love it. i made this way back in highschool. so what do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚ leave a comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

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