have you ever wondered why you can never date the ex-boyfriends of your girlfriends or else its friendship over??

or how about the guys..when they like the same girl, its okay for them, because for them competition is healthy. they dont turn their backs on each other. they still remain friends. right? wrong?

so all im asking is.. why does girls/women feel betrayed when their friends date their ex’s? and why is it okay for guys to date the same girl and not hold grudges..

what do you think??

2 thoughts on “dating..??

  1. wow..for a highschool student i admire your perspective 😀

    i think when couples break up and end up hating each other, maybe they’re still not over each other? something like that.. also..if they broke up in good terms then being friends is not a problem..right?

    as for being awkward when other friends date their ex’s, it think its because they feel like they still ‘own’ that person.. hmmmn… watcha say? 😛

  2. In my opinion, it mainly depends on if you broke up with your ex, or if your ex broke up with you. In all honesty, it you broke up with your ex, you should have no problems with any of your friends going out with him/her, although you might feel a bit awkward when your friend takes him/her with your group on a day out or something.

    And mainly, I think that women are more sensitive in general, although this isn’t always true, as there are plenty of sensitive guys, and so, women are oft to over analyze peoples’ actions, and possibly think too deeply about other peoples’ thoughts. Regardless, I think that once you break up with someone, it’s completely over, until you get back together, if you do. I don’t understand why people who break up can’t remain friends or at least talk to each other. Most ex’s seemed to seriously HATE each other. They talk bad about each other behind their backs, etc. Yes there are exceptions, but this is what I’ve seen in most cases. But perhaps this is because I’m still in high school, and the maturity level is still quite low.

    Anyways… good question =)

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