moonlight sonata

i really really like this piece and i really really do hope and dream to play this in the future 😦 i need a teacher though, im not good at reading notes, though i play the piano (super duper super beginner). i can play the first part of this piece because that’s the easy part, but then..i really dont know how to play the there..i hope someone would be kind enough to help me play this piece, i know this piece is hard, it isnt for beginners like me, but with perseverance everything is possible right? πŸ˜›

this is really cool! πŸ˜€ you wouldnt think playing moonlight sonata on the guitar right? well this dude is really perfect! XD


3 thoughts on “moonlight sonata

  1. In fact, moonlight sonata is a relatively simple piece to learn. Learning independently is harder though, but I still have some advice for you: practice scales and arpeggios first to learn technique and get used to the different keys on piano. Also, you should randomly pick up sheet music and sight read through it – this will improve your reading ability and after a while, you’ll be able to quickly pick up new pieces instead of struggling through painfully slow tempos. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice slow, it just means that your new “working” tempo will be slightly faster. But regardless, you should be able to play pieces at any tempo slower than the actual without having problems or uneven tempo.

    If you plan on sticking with piano, definitely learn all the scales and arpeggios + minor scales and dominant/diminished arpeggios. The most important thing, however, is to quickly find a private teacher, as not only will he/she be able to give you new repertoire to learn, they will give you the motivation to practice the necessary fundamentals before moving on to grander endeavors.

    Good luck!

    • yes.. i super agree with having a teacher!! and also πŸ˜› i dont know what ‘scales and arpeggios’ mean.. πŸ˜› im a newbie at this 😦 help!!

      • Scales as in C major, D major, etc…

        What may be more helpful for you is to buy a Hanon book — called Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist — simply for training your fingers to become more independent and flexible. This also includes scales and such, but only on a more basic level. Once you find a teacher, they will be able to teach you variations on warmups that will be more helpful =).

        There are many technique books out there, but the main ones I would look for at your level are Hanon and Czerny. Later, move on to Chopin Etudes, and Liszt Etudes for good finger exercises as well as performance pieces.

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