before calling it a night

i found this notebook of mine full of thoughts, poetries, stories. basically my writings from the past years. its not a journal or a diary or anything. its not even a compilation of my works, just a random notebook that i write at. lots of dates. lots of feelings. a good companion in times of loneliness and sadness. or just some random thing to do when im doing nothing. this notebook of mine helps me fall asleep.

its never fun to write when your hands are shaky/shaking like mine right now. i dont know, maybe too much work. i guess. that’s why i like typing more than writing. you easily get tired when writing unlike typing. and my handwriting sucks 😛 its like the hieroglyphs though mine cant be read. it’s so hard to read it! you see i dont write so well. maybe its because i stopped cursive writing  when i started highschool. and so my handwriting got worst. an elementary student’s handwriting is better than mine, really.

anyway, im going to post these writing that i found in my notebook here on my blog 😀 so i hope you guys like it..if not..comment..if yes..comment 😛 XD happy reading :))


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