she was walking down a long narrow path. there where lots of trees towering above her. the road was dark even if it was only afternoon. she was walking alone with no sense of direction. until she stumbled upon some rocks that were lying hidden by some leaves and moss.

it seems like she have waken from reality when she fell.

all the memories she was trying to forget came rushing through her head like a thunderstorm, a roaring lion to a savage beast. she couldn’t take it. she never wanted to remember it.

that one saturday.

leaves were falling from the sky. it was autumn. and the cold autumn breeze was giving her the creeps. they were supposed to meet at their “special place”, the usual place they have gone to together. but this day was different. she was waiting for him. usually they went there together. until recently when she sat there, alone. she would always wait for him until it was too late to go home. he never came. she tried calling him, to no avail. she wrote letters but there were no replies. she felt like every time she makes a move forward, he steps 2 spaces backward. like he never wanted her to reach him. it was always like this. she only hoped that she had realized this sooner. all her efforts were a waste. a lost. he would never reciprocate how she feels for him. those walks and stories they shared together. .

but that particular saturday. that saturday that she wanted to forget went blank.

the fall had caused her head to hit a big rock. she lost consciousness. the next thing she knew, she was at the hospital, lying in bed.

the white florescent lights hurt her eyes. she wasn’t used to well-lit places. the smell of alcohol and chemicals irritated her nose. she hated hospitals. they always reminded her of death. she wanted to get out. but she suddenly realized she can’t move. all she could do was blink. she can’t remember why she was there and what had caused it. she was trying really hard to remember but was unable to think of anything. even 1 memory.

she had amnesia.

talk about having a dream come true. she wanted to start all over again. to have a clean slate. well she got what she wanted. she lost all her memories and she can  start over again. start from scratch.

but even so, there was still the emptiness, the gaping hole inside her. she couldn’t understand why she felt that way or what it was. time moved on and the emptiness became a part of her. it was like breathing.


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