when they fall

when they fall

they fall so fast

they fall so deeply

they fall so badly

it bruises them.

sometimes when their lucky

they’ll smoothly land.

it scratches their skin

but they dont care.

when left alone

the worms starts to abuse them

taking their remaining youth away

a life wasted, ending up in death.

sometimes they’re carried away by the wind,

roll. roll.

stumble. stumble.

fall. fall.

until eventually the worms find them.

or they just rot away and die.

the lucky ones get carried away.

they travel to different place

north. south. east. west.

or just here and there.

some end up as sacrifices.

others help other people grow.

good or bad

its their fate.

this is how a fruit lives on.

their death is not the end

its another different story.


2 thoughts on “when they fall

  1. at first I thought you were talking about something different, but it turns out you were just talking about fruit =) But there are always other ways to interpret these things, so you never know

    • yes..that was really my point..for the poem to be perceived as something different from what the poem is really about πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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