dream 04/03/2010

i thought i’d wake up early today because i slept early last night. turns out i slept late and my mom had to wake me up for breakfast. she says we should eat together together (whole family) because we seldom do that anymore.

anyway.. i dreamt again last night. funny thing is, mickey mouse, minnie mouse and donald duck was there.. mickey and minnie had 3 children/mini mouses with them. i belive mickey and minnie symbolized my mom and dad. though i dont know about donald duck.

also..i dreamt i was with this guy, who was supposedly my boyfriend in the dream. he was wearing  a black shirt. and he had a great bod, well toned muscles (oh my..dream come true LOL) we were watching a movie, and there was this other girl with us though i dont know why she was there.

anyway, i was holding this guy’s/my boyfriend’s arm, i was holding it tightly. he was mad at me for some reason and he kept pinching my arms, wanting me to let go.  i never want to let go, i dont want him to go and i was sad, maybe because i wanted him so badly or that i dont want him to hate me.. then he gave up, he stopped pinching me. he turned towards me and hugged me tightly, i felt  so relieved. the hug felt like he’ll never let go, meaning he wont leave me or that he forgives me.  

the downside is that i only saw the image of the guy from his neck downwards, i never saw his face.

kinda resembles my other dream with me being headless, then this guy not having a head/ or that i didnt see his face/his head literally.

i wonder what these dreams mean :-/

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