dream 04/04/2010

i dreamt again last night.

i was at a mall. looking for a book to read. then i found one. it was similar to the story of Snow White (as far as i can remember) it was a series of 2 books packed in 1. i believe the title of the book was ‘this is for you’ (or something like that) by Steven Green or John Green, i dont know, i’ve forgotten, but the name and the sound of the name of the author was similar to those names. i still remember the price of the book, it was P199.

anyway, i was going to buy the books but when i checked it, it had some defects so i asked for another copy of the book. customer service said they dont have any but i can just look for it at their store-room. he gave me a piece of paper, there written was the code/no. of the book and at which shelf i could find it.

on my way to the store room, i bumped into my super friend katie. she was wearing this outfit: shorts, and i sleeveless blouse. what i noticed the most from her outfit was her sandals-like-boots which i liked. i believe it was the same color as her shorts which was black. she asked me what i was doing there and i told her i was looking for a book. she said she’d go with me. on our way i asked her why she was back so early (she’s in dubai and will be for a year) but she didnt answer my question, she just smiled.

inside the storeroom, i asked another clerk to help me find the books, i found the particular shelf where it should have been the book was not there. while searching, there were these 2 guys, the men i was friends with at school who worked at the Audio Visual Room. it was kinda weird, funny and surprising seeing them there, in their uniforms. they were supposedly working at the store. we said our hi’s and hello’s and goodbye’s and we(me and kate) proceeded looking for the book, the guy at the storeroom referred us to another branch of National Bookstore where we can find the book. turns out, there were 3 branches of National Bookstore inside the mall.

so we went to the next bookstore. i asked another clerk for help in finding the book. the clerk said they had the book but there were some complications. turns out, the two clerks who worked at the store have saved to buy the 2 books that i wanted. (they’ve saved P199, both of them, for the books, isnt it weird??) i really wanted the book so in the end the guy clerk sold it to me while the girl clerk who also wanted the book was hatefully looking at me.

on our way out of the bookstore, i was on my way to the parking lot where i met up with my parent, i asked kate if she would like to ride back home with us and she said yes.

then my mom (in real life) was waking me up for breakfast, and my dream was cut.

oh.. and i also dreamt that i had short hair like a bob cut. my hair was cut off though i dont know how it happened and why. i was unhappy because i had short hair again, i’d prefer my long hair.

well, that’s all i can remember about my dream..


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