dream 04/05/2010

my dream last night:

i was in a very beautiful resort, we had a tour about the place, and the ride from the resort back was really weird. it was like a banana boat ride except for the part of falling. the sea/ocean was blue(like this color). i remember my friend Ursula Ulsha Ganuh from Malaysia was with me and some other AYD(5th Asian Youth Day) friends. i wonder what this means :-/


One thought on “dream 04/05/2010

  1. I often use a dream dictionary as a general guide and then apply the symbols to my personal life and circumstances & how I personally view the symbol. It’s pretty insightful. I love reading people’s dreams. Gonna rss your blog and check back for some more.

    I have quite insane dreams every night (no, I am not leaving a comment just so you will look at my blog, lol) that seem to entertain others. Take a look if you’d like and keep your dreams coming, lass!

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