for one more week

you got caught up in my mind
i cant believe i fell for a trap
a one week disturbance
and that’s all there is
i fell and stumbled upon your feet
you dont seem to mind my presence
happiness is all around us
with the simple gestures we do
a touch doesnt seem too forward
we move further, collide
our friends doesnt seem to mind us
they dont look at us, there’s something here
something new, lets explore, break free
come on, just once, or for the second time?
a week is all i ask, just another week then that’s that..
we all leave tonight..

i wrote this last 04/05/2009, COOL, this poem is 1 year old! 😀


2 thoughts on “for one more week

    • eh kasi tapos na ung mga you know what, so the poem is saying, pwedeng isa pa? huling hirit.. ganun.. 😉

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