free verse

When the tarnished bell tolls

Everything comes to an end

An end that bears witness to the destruction of a statue

A soul slowly fading away

Engraved in its dying consciousness

Is this the end that I have longed for? The end I thought never existed

Yet this tombstone spells my name so sweetly

I never knew giving up was so easily, so divine

So it comes to pass us by, like an unforgiving tax collector

What am I waiting for? What am I looking at?

This indifferent portrait of my own, wielding the sword of my own destruction

Cavalry, hatred, passion, life, love. These things keeps repeating in my mind

Words with no meaning, unless someone comes and justifies them

I have lived my entire life with loneliness and hatred

I never believed in someone

I cannot remember where I was just now

Everything seems to fade away, everything doesn’t matter anymore

Everything but you

But then you left me

I had nowhere to build my sand castles anymore

Death is for cowards. Maybe I am a coward. I really am.

Tonight is a fair night in this cynical world

No one would notice I’m gone, No one but me.

october 15, 2008


One thought on “free verse

  1. my friend (tats) and i wrote this a long time ago. we planned on making a song, thus we first wrote the lyrics. though it has been long forgotten. this is not the end. but the beginning of a never ending wait for destruction. XD

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