thinking of you


i’d think about you whenever i pass by the places we’ve been to

these memories i carry in my heart forever

like a picture frame

always constant, unchanging

walking beside you feels like a roller coaster ride


it gives me the extra high of my everyday

like the speed of an F1 car

i go from zero boredom to 100% bliss

like a game i cant take my mind off

too much thinking of you results to my sleepless nights

which have been a part of my daily life lately

you’re the extra high i get from cotton candies

and just like these candies

you are soft-spoken and sweet

i remember those soft fingertips of yours

which makes the most perfect melodies i have ever heard


i think of you a thousand times everyday

like some religious pagan praying to the almighty

your sweet scent makes me ache for more

wanting me to be closer to you

a hug that i wouldnt want to let go


im in a daze when i think about you

like staring at the depths of the sea

you’re so far away from me

like the stars above

always staring, wondering at your presence

your ever changing moods

your smile

your little laughter

these makes life worth while.

the cool thing about this poem is that the 2nd and 3rd stanza’s can be read backwards starting from the last line up. and it will still make sense 😉 it will still give the same meaning 🙂

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