102108 – 23:25

You try to escape the past you have long forgotten

But by doing so you have sacrificed the present

All these memories and happiness will soon be gone

And the emptiness you feel inside remains

You never trusted anyone

You were always alone in your own world

You dream of futures with no tomorrow

And you end them so abruptly like killing birds in the sky

You lie awake at night, unable to sleep

You dream of never-ending lies

You have wasted your life, your time

With all the redundant things that you do

Will you ever change? Change for the better?

You have locked yourself up, you don’t let anyone in

You end up hurting the ones you love

And by the end of the day you’re all alone

You will always be alone.

this is for everyone out there who feels the same,

those who try to escape by being busy,

those who wants to forget the past by throwing it all away,

by forgetting like nothing happened,

by being so cowardly as to forget


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