let me take you to a quiet place


-let me take you to a quiet place-

being with you is like
eating a cotton candy
sweet, soft, fun and entertaining
never too sweet for my taste buds
yet if taken too much can cause tonsillitis

you’re like water
I can never take too much of you
yet important and essential enough
to want you.

smiling and laughing are all natural
when you’re around
to the point of bliss/pain

I can never get enough of you
I’ve only been with you twice
yet it feels like a thousand times

we talk about trivial things
and almost all the time you wait for me

it seems kind of funny how we are
you make me happy
even just by talking to you
i’m happy with you
you’re special and dear
to me

all I want to say is
thank you, for your time
kindness and thoughtfulness
towards me

I like you

a lot.

funny thing about this poem is that I’ve wrote this last 07/03/09, and it still resembles the present 😀 really cooool XD


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