random thoughts

1pm feb.27, 2009

i’ll wait for you
till eternity comes
the end is near
let’s do it now
together we fade.


this circle never ends
well i dont wanna wait.
no more. no more.



just watch and let’s pretend.
we’re together right now.
you and i. together as one.
we’re lonely. we can be anyone tonight.
we’re lovers. you and i.
hugs and kisses don’t matter.
silence is the only word.
unspoken. unseemingly dark.
our eyes part. and we wake up tonight.
you and i are together.
right here. right now. tonight.



it’s lonely without you
its empty and blue
you’re too far away
i can’t reach you
i can’t even see you.
you’re too far away
i’m waiting for your return.


you’re so far away. million miles away.
hours away.


kung alam mo na alam mo na,
‘bat mo pa kailangan magtanong?


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