again and again

Epic Fail

that’s who i am to you

im being pessimistic again

all i wanna do is sleep

not with you

but just to fall asleep


i cant sleep and i dont know why

involuntary thinking of you is such a hassle

i wanna stop. let it stop. make it stop.

ugh. i hate this.

you’ve deprived me of your voice

your presence


your touch


dont deprive me of my sleep

i beg you dear sir

let me be. i dont wanna fall again

i’ll give up when all the chicos are long gone

even if there’s something, anything, remaining from it

even if i hope for all the best

the conclusion is still the same

like an unended phrase

like the never ending pi

nothing’s absolute

everything changes

and so the fight continuous

which will it be?

to the future.

(this stanza should be read

backwards from the last line back to the first line)


i want to feel you

but thanks for trying

we both know you never

wanted anything from this

this is all my fault

for trying too hard to reach you

im barely touching you


i cant sleep

yet again

the future has been bothering me

yet again

i think about the future

and a big black cloud hides my vision

like seeing through murky waters

you cant.

i think im really in to you

im sorry but it’s much too late

could you want to take my picture? ’cause i wont remember 😉


4 thoughts on “again and again

    • thank you so much! 😀 you’re comments mean a lot, especially coming from someone so talented as you. thank you dear sir! 😉

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