dream 04082010

my dream last night was kinda weird. first of, is that i know i was dreaming. so there..well, that doesnt happen to me quite often. also, i dreamt yesterday but i was too lazy to write it down, and it was a short dream so there..anyway..here’s my dream.

my dad and little sister were outside our house playing with the rabbit. it was raining hard that day. a bit cloudy too. it was starting to flood a little because of the pouring rain. i went out and talked to them but they just shooed me away.

then the next scene was…well i was supposed to be on my way back from the WYC (World Youth Congress), i was with the full time workers. but our flight was cancelled or the plane had crashed. i dunno. it was something like that. so we were stuck. and we didnt had the money to go home.

so we entered a competition at a theme park to earn money. the last challenge was a roller coaster ride. (i have never ever ever tried riding roller coasters and never will) this is the part i knew i was dreaming(for obvious reasons) 😉 anyway, the ride was soooo cool! so thrilling! the things, sites, sceneries, places you see while riding..wow! 😀 (atleast i had the chance/opportunity to experience riding a roller coasters even if it was a dream XD) the last team with us at the last round was part of our group as well, so whoever won, our will group still win the needed money 😉

anyway.. we all won. so on our way to our foster family’s place (because we didnt had the money for a place to stay, we stayed in a generous family who accommodated us in their shack). it was still raining though not as hard as the first part of the dream, there were puddles of mud.

there were 3 of us, but the other girl was mad at us for some unknown reason and she opt to be left behind, so the two of us rode a jeepney on the way back to the house. it was a short ride and i told my friend we shouldnt have had taken a jeepney, but she said we’d get lost if we didnt.

inside the house, the family introduced us to a prince. (this is the part where i learned where we really are, we were in Thailand.) he was a thai prince. and obviously we had to bow before him and call him something (i forgot the word we were supposed to use). after being introduced, we went to the kitchen to hide from the prince. because we didnt know what to talk about with him.

this is the part where my super friend kate came popping up in my dream. she was supposed to be part of our group, or that she just followed to meet up with me. anyway, we started chatting like we usually do, on our own bubble, and we decided to talk with the prince. so we went back to the living room to chat(more like flirt) with the prince. while we were chatting, kate sat at the sofa then lied down, the prince came over her and laid on top of her, then things went a little steamy, i was mortified. it was really weird seeing them ‘do’ that thing in front of me, so i hurriedly went back to the kitchen.

my friends told me we were leaving (and yes, we have to pass by the living room on our way out)  so on our way out i met up with kate, i was still mad at her, for what she did. kate explained that nothing happened, they were just talking. i wasnt really buying her stories, because if you wanna talk, please, not in that kind of position..right??… then……. my dream ended.. :-/


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