dream 04092010

i was supposed to write this on the day itself, last friday, but i forgot my notebook and we went to batangas for the WYC (World Youth Congress).

yes. i’ve had other dreams after this but i was too lazy to write them down, they werent really that memorable so to say..so anyway..here goes my dream..which really weird.. as always..

i was in a beach with my IS(information system) friends. it was holy week. and we stayed at the beach/ by the seashore just talking, sharing stories and waiting for the sunrise. my folks was also there. the scenes keep shifting to different places: like, me going back to our house(the place we stayed in the resort) and there were 2 people following me on the way. it was creepy and scary. when i got to the place where we stayed, my tita opened the locked door for me and i went inside quickly. i looked outside for the two people who were following me and i saw them kissing in front of the house as if nothing happened.

there was  a piano inside the house, and i started playing with it, playing the pieces i know. then the scene shifted. i was on my way back to the beach from the house. i saw my folks and told them i was going to swim for a while with my friends and off i went. it was low tide. one of my girl friends asked me to try breathing in water using mouth to mouth. it was her idea. we tried it a couple of times but it didnt work.

then the scene shifted. it was still holy week or rather the scenes was holy week itself(the reason why we celebrate holy week) way back in the roman times. there was this big construction thing going on, i was one of the workers, though i was a guy in that part of the dream. there were different mechanisms in the building/construction so that if one pulley or something was struck some of the poles(which we/the workers were standing at) will go down. a series of it(the poles) will go down resulting to the death of the people standing on the poles.  2 of my friends were discussing how it works and i over heard them that the pole i was standing on was one of the unsafe parts because it will be one of the first few that will go down the water resulting to death. i didnt want to die. so i shifted to a nearby pole. before i did that. people were already shifting to safer poles killing those who were at the poles in the process. you see, 1 pole can only accommodate 1 person. it was survival of the fittest. i shifted to another pole by killing the person on it by letting him fall. the poles where high and the water below us had crocodiles. the roman guards also killed the people who were rowdy at the poles.

and then they started the “play”. it was like a reenactment of something from the bible(something you usually see when it’s holy week). while the play was still in procession, there was a sword/spear that kept poking my feet. it hurt. but i had no choice but to endure with it or risk dying by being killed. after the play was over, there was communion. people lined up to receive the host. the host was made up of a thin flat square, where round shapes/circles where engraved, and those circles where the host. i got one of the whole thin flat squares and started eating it piece by piece. it tasted like bitter red wine. but it was good. good enough for someone who hasnt eaten for days. the building/construction where the poles were built was like the Luminous Cross in Quezon. and then i woke up.

other info about the dream:

workers who werent following were killed. just like in the roman times or just like in old egypt. they openly kill them if they dont follow.

i also remember that i was a guy in my dream. a guy in the bible where i was fighting with another man over a girl. something like that.  and their story ends up with one guy dying. is there a story in the bible such as that?

i was almost killed. and i was johny depp in his image of jack sparrow just like the movie pirates of the Caribbean. also the two friends discussion about the mechanisms and contraptions of the building where sherlock holmes and dr. john watson.

well that’s all there is about my dream last friday.. at least that’s what my notebook says..and that’s all i can remember..


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