an interlude

i am yet again an outcast

against this world of animosity

these blurry lines i keep threading on

leaves me with a suppressed feeling of satisfaction

i keep walking to faraway places

distant as they may seem

these are my refuge

these places yet unseen

weaving dreams and make believe

are my constant companions

like shadows in daylight

and the stars at night

lying in this bed of mine

this feels ten thousand times undone

overrated. incomplete.

like a gaping hole staring back at you

from the deep waters of a well

the fishes swim like there’s no tomorrow

birds fly high above the skies

creepy crawlies here and there

breathing life. in and out.

these beautiful words are insufficient

just like breathing in without oxygen

useless. deadly. confused.

yet they still suffice.

what a weird way to live

in and out. here and there

where’s the meaning?

where’s the satisfaction?

this is not the end

this is the beginning

or should i say

an interlude.


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