a poem

i could write you a poem

for everyday you’re gone

a poem for everyday until you return

but what does that leave me?

more than 365 poems

all about you. talking to you.

talking to a stranger i once met

and making up stories

to fulfill these fantasies of mine

my notebook is at its end now

where will i write my poems anymore?

my pen is new

it could write you a whole novel

and you wouldn’t even know it

a silent pen. unwritten words

in a notebook full of thoughts

your call.


19 thoughts on “a poem

  1. Lovely! I want to write a poem to say hi to strangers lol but I think that might look a little silly!! <3<3


  2. Wow, this was so powerful! I know everyone has felt some degree of this at a point in their life. It was beautiful reflection on this moment.

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