dream 04152010

i dreamt about you. we were in some place/venue/compound. i was with my friends. while you were in your room with your brother. i dont know why but i wanted to be with you. to be closer to you. to be in the same room with you. and when i did. you pushed me away. you accused me of hateful and hurtful things. it was right for you to accuse me. thought that still hurt me. i never answered your questions/accusations. i stayed silent. you were right to think and ask about those stuffs. but what you said was wrong. i am nothing to you. just someone trying so hard to be with you. and then the scene shifted.

i was in the netherworld with one of my guy friends. i didnt know why we were there. but we were trying to escape. to get back on to the world of the living. we were vampires and there were lots of us. trying to escape. and there was this opportunity where the gates would open and “us” the beings of the underworld may try to escape freely to the world of the living. the ‘exit’ portal led to a library near a basketball court at some school. it was right then, 2 of us, me and my other guy friend escaped but the other one who was with me didnt. so he tried/used another way out to escape. we waited for him. and then we rode a jeepney. i knew we were vampires because the cast of Trueblood was there: vampire bill, sookie stackhouse and eric. anyway, me and eric escaped while bill was left to find another way out of the netherworld. i was sookie stackhouse or one of her friend in the dream. anyway, we rode a jeepney. the driver was very strict about handling his vehicle. he didnt want us to touch anything. sookie and me rode in front while the other 2 guys/vampires were at the back. then the dream shifted again.

i was with my little sister and another girl. we were riding a nipa-house-like-boat. paddled by men to be able to move. their way of paddling was like that of a stationary bike. we were crossing a river. on the way down, when we stopped. there was this big black scaly fish with shimmering scales of different colors though it was still black. it was big and its shape was like a carp. i was scared of the fish because it might bite me on the way down the boat. the bankero/boat driver said not to hurt the fish and he gave us a big long bamboo pole to help us balance our way out and get down safely. i managed to get down with my little sister following and the other girl. inside the make-shift boat were places to sit. it was partly dusty inside with insects and spider webs. i noticed that there were only girls/women inside. we were all women in that boat. also i was sitting beside an old lady. when everyone have settled down, my dream ended.


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