first attempt at haikus

a haiku undone

meaningless words here and there

one word left unsaid

this blistering heat

warm and cool breeze unfolding

the undying cold

the heat of the day

arguments of things to say

ends oblivion

chocolates of love

courtships to last a lifetime

the deadly word – “no”

i dont understand how haikus really work. though i know the basics of how to do/make them. what i dont get is the meaning of the poems. because most haikus that i have read are all simple. there’s no depth in it. which doesnt really makes it interesting for me. i still dont get their meaning behind the words and haikus itself.

i think the point of haikus is simplicity. expressing one’s thoughts, feelings and perspectives in the few short words and phrases. so i think my haikus are a failure. for trying to hard to make a deep sense into them, into the words and phrases. maybe this is just how i make poetry.

bubbles always float

they will eventually burst

sooner or later

the warm summer days

full of insects in the night

i hate all of them

when all the day’s end

we’ll all be happy and sad

we’ll just wait and see

ang mga ibon – the birds

sa gitna ng mga bundok – in the middle of the mountains

kaligayahan – happiness

i noticed that making haikus in tagalog/filipino is a lot harder than it is in english because of the required no. of syllables. there isn’t much to say. maybe its the same for japanese haikus. all i can say is that haikus are easier made in english than in japanese or tagalog.

isang pagibig – one love

puno ng mga balakid – full of obstacles

walang nangyari – nothing happened

ako ay ligaw – i am lost

sa iyong pagmamahal – in your love

pang habang buhay – forever

mahabang idlip – a long nap

malambot na mga unan – soft pillows

isang pangarap – a dream

i think the essence of making a haiku was lost to me in my attempts of making one/some. haikus are seasonal. it mostly depicts a season using words for symbolism. i plan to create a tagalog haiku 5-7-5 with an equal english translation of also 5-7-5. i hope i can make some without losing its meaning.

may paraiso – there’s a paradise

malayong nakatago – a place very far hidden

mga bulaklak – full of wildflowers/ puno ng rosas – roses everywhere

and mga bukirin – all the fields

masayang naguusap – merrily chatting

sa dapit hapon – in the afternoon

ang mga buko – some coconuts

sa ilalim ng puno – under the tree

lahat matamis – are all sweet

i think making a haiku is not a talent or a skill. rather, haikus are innate. you dont have to force yourself to make one. you just let it flow to you and the words/haiku will come.

may isang hari

mabait at masipag

walang prinsesa

we’re falling apart

this friendship comes to an end

full of silent words

ang kalungkutan – the sadness

gabing walang bituin – a starless night

katahimikan – deafening silence

a naked statue

full of desire and contempt

an old memory

you keep pushing me

you hated me intensely

i dreamt about you

the long distances

unwritten words left untold

a new beginning


4 thoughts on “first attempt at haikus

  1. I like them. I kinda feel the same way about haiku. I’m a story teller so I have a hard time fitting anything into a few words. I enjoyed your exercise

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