it’s been a long while

no seeing or even talking to each other

but what does it matter?

were just friends

no more. no less

there’s nothing between us

just empty spaces

a big void

inside my heart a time bomb ticks

only months left for me

before this heart finally dies

a tragic death?

or just suicide?

no definite answer

just nothingness left

from the happiness and love

that once was there

the only thing left

are loneliness and sadness

that accumulates as time pass by

this mind keeps ticking, keeps thinking

of the what if’s that isnt there

that will never happen

trying to move on

to improve

to be best

its just full of empty hopes

living makes no sense to this being anymore

death is the only option

others. life. family. friends.

doesnt matter anymore.

an empty script. unwritten words.



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