i don’t like this kind of addiction

will you please help me stop

i don’t want this anymore

it’s getting over the top

all i do is stare at you

and yes, you look at me back

at times you sing to me

you even let me watch the things i wanna see

yes i have relied on you countless times

and you were always there

but you can never really give me what i want

and so you just stay still and stare

everyone looks at you

everyone needs you

they’re all dependent on you

you’ve hypnotized all their minds

sadly i am one of those people

whom you have hypnotized

i am but a fool to your abilities

and those things i undermine

i hope this doesn’t get worst

or i’ll be left behind

a poem about internet addiction


3 thoughts on “addiction

    • i agree 😉 and especially that there are a lot and different kinds of addiction arising now a days.. so there.. thank you! 😀

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