frustratedly playing the guitar

i want to play the guitar. not just play. but really play and be good at it. i can play some tunes i’ve learned though im never really good at it –> the guitar, i mean.

so anyway to be good in something like the guitar you’d have to have your own instrument. obviously. learn to play all the chords. then you’re set to go. that’s how simple it is. of course you’ll need constant practice.

like i said, im not good at playing the guitar, but if you’d teach me, i learn fast 😉 i also dont have my own guitar though im planing to buy an electric/acoustic guitar..i bought a guitar once, i gave it to my friend XD..

i think, me, not being able to play the guitar very well has something to do with a dream i once had when i was still young. the dream goes like this…

there was this little kid, a boy, and a man in his twenties – his tutor. he was teaching the little kid how to play the guitar. anyway, one time, the kid was practicing on his own when a snake came out of the sound hole of the guitar and bit him. causing the kid’s death. when the tutor arrived, he saw the kid lying lifeless on the floor. on the kid’s burial day, before he was lowered to the ground, an old man came, he asked to see the dead boy and told everyone that he can “cure” the kid. raising the boy from the dead. the parents agreed, they’d do anything to have their only son back. so anyway, the old man took a small pill from his pocket and asked for a glass of water. he put the pill into the boy’s mouth and poured water in, just like making him drink some water from the cup. as soon as the kid swallowed the pill, he was alive again. like waking up from a long sleep.

and that’s the end of my dream. i dont know how old i was when i dreamt this but it has remained in my memory ever since and i’ve never forgotten about it. though i still dont know what the dream means.

about my guitar skills, im planning to buy a guitar and practice and hopefully be good at it 😉


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