the lonely moon stays silent

along with the unfriendly clouds tonight

motionless. like a prisoner in his coffin

the stars doesn’t shine out tonight

nor the insects, singing their usual hum

an unfriendly sight to the lonely moon

not far away, a lady sings

singing her heart out

to a melancholic tune, her last song

for even if the song was about happiness

it sounded like a song for a funeral

no one plays at the park tonight

the whole village is as quiet as a rock

the houses, usually lit with light

stands silent. empty. dark

the streets remain deserted

not even a cat dared pass

for in this lonely night

nothing will last


2 thoughts on “tonight

  1. This is such a great style. It’s like a story, but in a poem. I could visual the whole town, the park, the moon alone. Nicely done πŸ™‚ Compliments.

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