he calls it his new adventure

every year is a different place

a different goal

a different dream to fulfill

he plans it very carefully

like a detective studying his evidence

different faces every year

different languages

different cultures

but its still the same old ways

his adventures fuels his desires for life

like a pirate hunting his next treasure

this is his dreams

this is his way of life

he doesnt hide nor run from anyone

but that doesnt mean he faces them all

he’s not a coward

yet he’s not a hero

like a bird migrating from season to season

so does he from his adventures to the next

he doesnt like being stuck to places far too long

nor does he like building strong connections

being tied to one place is his death

‘only death can trap him in one place’

so they say

he doubts it

for even souls travel from one lifetime to the next

so does his next adventure will remain


6 thoughts on “adventurer

  1. Wow–! Thanks for sending the link. I love the narrative of this– really well crafted. (reminds me of me, sigh…)

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