we’ve been friends

(more like acquaintances)

for so long

maybe time really has something

some special meaning

a reason behind all those years

does the origin really matter?

oh well i’ve forgotten how it all started

they say there’s a reason for everything

even the no. of hair strands you have

or the reason why you fell on the stairs

there’s always a reason. big or small

that’s why we study history

if it isn’t that important

then why would we waste time on it?

does ‘that’ amount of time we’ve been friends means patience?

is it testing our ‘waiting’ skills?

or am i just making things up?

does it even have a meaning in the first place?

i really wonder how it all started

because i can’t seem to remember any of it

no first memory of it all

what i have now is from the recent past

i hope you like being ‘friends’ with me

(because i do)

and if not,

then i’m making a big fool of myself

oh well. these are hard times

you can’t cook without the ingredients

you can’t eat without food

i wonder if these trivial things interests you

you love thinking right?

you always seem to have something on your mind

oh, i’m being annoying again

i can’t help it

i’m full of questions myself

i wonder what you’re thinking at this moment

i’ll never know right?


what did you have for lunch?

i’m hungry

care for some coffee?

let’s take a break


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