summer and global warming

hot summer nights when it should be cold

global warming here we go

summer’s the best season for one and all

anywhere you go it’s still summer they know

summer days of fun in the beach

summer nights with bonfires and sweets

a fun happy summer time

but now global warming has arrived

there’s not much fun in the summer we once had

for now summer’s either hot or blazing hot

cold nights are gone, no more.

the wind that blew kites everywhere

now lies someplace else

and now the beach is either extremely hot or extremely cold

thank you global warming for ruining my day

oh no, i take it back

you’ve ruined my whole summer

and that’s a fact

what else is there to do?

but to wait another season

and yes, with you

there’s no stopping

global warming

and one day there won’t be any seasons anymore

worst is that it’ll be forever hot

no more goodnight sleep anymore

please make global warming stop

let’s save the seasons and all

no is not the answer

and yes you can do a lot more

let’s start now

think of simple ways to help

then maybe you can finally have your reward

that cool lasting sleep at last


3 thoughts on “summer and global warming

  1. You’re quite prolific tonight. All your poems are very good. I identify with sleep and sleep stolen. Particularly because of another.

    Hope it isn’t too hot.

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