before falling asleep

do you think believing on something would make them real?

if it is, then i’d get scared

i’m already scared

you know…

believing in ghosts

having phobias you never had before

how about being scared at night

and of the color black

being scared of long black hair

and just about anything that’s not

do you think you’d be scared?

come on

what are you afraid of?

tell me

don’t imagine it though

it might come true

then we’re all dead

oh wait..

i’m scared of that too!

oh my..

what am i going to do?

how about imagining butterflies

oh wait.

i’m scared of insects too!

meow. meow.

scaredy cat!

stop thinking of non-sense

you’re only scaring yourself


go to sleep!

but what if they follow me there

i wouldn’t know how to escape

and the screams of horror everywhere

is making things worst

wish i’m not thinking about all these stuff right now

right before i fall asleep

stupid me

oh well

how about cotton candies!


oh stop.

you’d feel like eating and you don’t want that

how about a little exercise?

exercise is good

you’ll be skinny in no time

you may have forgotten something though

it’s hot!

and you’re all sweaty before you even begin

ok, change of plans

how about falling asleep now.

that would be fun

sleep’s here

i’ll take it before it’s gone


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