enjoy the ride

you’re too aggressive

you scare them all off

why are you rushing things?

it’s not the end of the world

patience pays off

and virtue too

but do you have both to succeed?

or maybe you’re just too blue

you should wait

have a little more time

there’s no harm in waiting

when it all ends in the line

being aggressive is a no-no

you know better than that

you’ve made that wrong move countless times

you shouldn’t let that happen this time

you know the consequences

you’re familiar with the rules

so go keep it up

don’t force it

or it’ll move

be happy with what you have

you might lose it in the end

better keep an eye on things

or the wind will blow its wings

in the end it will all be worthwhile

so keep waiting

and time will pass by

who know you two might

might end up with each other

or it’ll go the other way around

just enjoy the ride

and don’t expect anything

you’re here for the fun

so don’t waste your ticket

and just ride on

life’s like that

you can’t change it

that’s how it goes

that’s how it flows

use your bullets one at a time

save it. use it wisely

or regret wasting it

life’s one big carnival

ride as much as you can

but don’t forget the consequences

reap your rewards

don’t count your losses

north, south, east, west

here we go

13 thoughts on “enjoy the ride

  1. Being patient is important, but remember you only do live once, and waiting to long is just as bad as moving to fast, i suggest moving at the pace that is right for you. Some may consider my pace aggressive, or obsessive but i have waited much of my life for a future that one must run to achieve. You do lovely work, and should be very proud, i am happy that i had to time to visit your site today, you have little trouble describing the feelings you want to portray; i respect that, and look forward to reading your works in the future.

  2. Enjoy the ride, but don’t push it because you don’t want it to end too quickly. Some things are better lived one moment at a time rather than forcing them to go the way you want. Very nnice.

  3. Sounds like you are talking to yourself, trying to convince yourself, hoping to survive this thing called life. Slow down. You said it. Thanks for visiting

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