if i were Coraline

i’d stay at the other house

and let the other mother

sew buttons in my eyes

i’d take all i can

just to escape this world

i wouldn’t even let myself

come away with me

i’d hide and never return

i’d let the other mother kill me

if that’s what she yearns

i’d escape reality

and hide behind that door

a door to the other world

the world of the unknown

yet maybe Coraline was right

you wouldn’t want to be trapped

in a world so sad

in a world of make-believe

where you’ll soon be forgotten

you wouldn’t let a big spider

get your heart and soul right?

so in the end

i’d choose to endure

the harsh world of reality

and try to live with it.

Coraline is a book by Neil Gaiman published in 2002 and has been adapted into a 2009 stop-motion film directed by Henry Selick.


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