i wonder why i’ve never written a filipino/tagalog poem. i remember writing one though. it was my first poem ever, entitled “unan” (pillow).  a tribute to my pillow from childhood. i dont have that pillow anymore though. it got lost from travelling/moving to different places i guess. and i dont have a copy of the poem either. it has long been gone.

oh wait. i’ve written some tagalog haikus in the past(it’s here in the blog too) so it doesnt really count that i’ve never written tagalog poetry before.

anyway..i believe you dont have to force yourself in writing poetry. it just comes to you naturally. sometimes it doesnt.. but there are times when the words just flows smoothly from your pen to the paper. that’s what poetry is like for me.

i write what i feel and what i think. so you can definitely say that this blog is a part of me..and im exposing myself here..though i may say some work are fiction, there’s still some parts of it that are true.

i write poems that people can relate to. it’s not like im writing just for the sake of writing or just because.. i write because i feel like writing. i write because i want to express myself in the simplest way possible.

there’s no right or wrong when it comes to writing.


3 thoughts on “wondering

  1. You write because it flows in the vein. Writing can never be forced. and even if you did, you cant get a universal image. The type that a real writer will paint. You are a writer no matter what. Whether you write all the types of Poems or you specialize in one. The most important thing is paint an image that all can relate to through words. Keep on keeping on…Cheers!

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