hey you!


Do you remember when you were in love with me?

The days that seem to unfold slowly

The classes when you would look at me

I remember the souvenir chocolate you gave me

It came in with much thought and love

Like some kid waiting for his parent’s approval

I remember those old days we used to meet

Those awkward but meaningful stares of silence

We would always be together in organizational events

Sometimes meeting at the org-room or at hallway ends

I remember the tree planting activities we had

It was filled (or should I say field :P) with joy and fun

The bus rides and the stories between

There was this picture we had

At McDonald’s over a pit stop

We even made plain walking fun

Those were the days though

I hope we’re still friends, that’s for sure!

I don’t know how you fell in love with me

And how you came to realize it was hopeless

It was a one-sided love, there was no future to be

Still I remember those fun days with you

And I’m hoping to see you again

Some time soon 😉


2 thoughts on “hey you!

  1. This is how I feel. Except I’m the one that fell in love and it was one-sided. I didn’t give up for a long long long time though. It sucks, Anyways, nice writing! 😀

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