daily prayer time

do you have your daily prayer time? i think most of you have already forgotten what a prayer time is..so let me refresh you 😛 so prayertime is when you give some of your time (hopefully at least 15 mins.) to God/Jesus Christ and just talk to him.. i know 15 mins. is soo long but just try okay? don’t forget to communicate with God everyday!
and there are simple ways of prayer to do that..remember A.C.T.S.?? Adoration, Contrition, Thanks giving and Supplication..that’s the best, easiest and simplest form of prayer you can do that..also..you can read the daily gospel/reading to help you ‘internalize’ and know what God wants to tell you for that day.. so how’ll you know the reading for that day??? simple..you can read the daily gospel for the day in http://dailygospel.org and you can also subscribe to this website so they’ll email you the daily gospel everyday 😉 very convenient!
just always remember that if you are having troubles and stuff, don’t forget and hesitate to ask God because nothing is impossible to him and he always listens..He can even make your weirdest and craziest dreams come true if  He’s willing to. okay? don’t hesitate to talk and ask God about stuff.. coz He loves you that much ‘He wont ever let you down’ XD

and of course..don’t forget to believe in Him. because if you don’t believe and then you ask and ask, then, obviously you wont ever get what you’re wishing for!! do you get it??

also..the best time to have your prayer time is in the morning.. those who have been to Vietnam will know that people always greet you good morning in Vietnam even if its night already..you guys know why?? coz the morning is the best time of the day where in your still fresh and happy and all those positive things..you get it?? if not..use your imagination!! come on! ;P if you win the morning, you win the whole day..okay? it’s always best to start your day with a prayer so that you’ll always have a  great start and the rest of your day will flow smoothly coz you’re guided by God’s holy presence. 😉

so there..i definitely feel that I’ve bored you guys so much already..so again..don’t forget your prayer time and don’t hesitate to talk to God even if it may seem silly the first time you do it..just believe and know that God loves you so much! 😀 mwah!


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