some sort of muffins

i was planning to cook some pancakes for our afternoon snack. there wasnt any hotcake/pancake mix so i made my own though i made a mistake with 1 of the ingredients.. i put baking powder instead of baking soda into the batter and ended up ruining the supposedly pancakes 😛 i realized this when i cooked 1 pancake, coz it didnt rise. by the way i didnt look for a recipe in the internet before making/cooking pancakes..though i think i should have.. anyway..

so i tried adding some baking soda into another small bowl and added some of the batter into it and tried cooking it again.. though this time there was too much baking soda that it tasted bitter. i gave up eventually coz it didnt really look that appetizing and all.

what i learn from my mistake was that baking powder is only used for baking (cooking in the oven) while you use baking soda for cooking pancakes 😛 well that’s what i think, though baking soda is also used in baking and stuff. im not really into cooking so i dont know that much.. anyway…

i didnt want to waste the batter coz it’ll be wasteful consumption, so i tried cooking it in the oven using the molds used for cooking rice cakes(puto) which is smaller than muffin pans.. and… it turned out great! 😀  it tasted better than cooking it in a pan and all. so i baked the rest of the batter in the oven. it turned out quite okay and cool coz this was the first time i made something like this and it turned out okay 😛 i also put some chocolate bits with it and it was really…well…good.. hahaha.. (coz my little sister ate some of it too, eh she’s really picky when it comes to food 😛 so i have my sister’s aproval! LOL)

these are the ingredients i used:



baking powder/ baking soda(for pancakes)

pinch of salt

1 egg


some water (coz i didnt have enough of milk)

it turned out okay.. the black thingies are chocolate bits 😉


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