Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said)

this is the song from the indie film Dinig Sana Kita. the plot goes on like this.. a deaf dancer boy meets a troubled rocker/musician girl   in a deaf and hearing camp held in Baguio where they find something in common with each other, their love for music.

Sana Ako’y Marinig
Nais kong sumilong sa dilim ng iyong halik
Magbulag bulagan mawala lang ang sakit
Gustong malasing sa kakaibang damdamin
Wala nang ngunit ngunit
Wala ring aamin
Nais lumayo sa mundo kong kulungan
Ako’y nakagapos, walang patutunguhan
Gustong makita ang mundo mo sa kabila
Isang sulyap lang, sana may pag asa
Kahit di mo ako mahalin…
Kahit saan mo ako dalhin…
Kahit isang saglit
Wala man kapalit
Sana ako’y marinig
Kahit isang saglit
Wala man kapalit
Bakit di mo ako marinig?
I Wish You Could Hear Me
English Translation
I want to take shelter in the shadow of your kiss
Pretend not to see, pretend there’s no pain
I want to get high on a different feeling
No excuses
Nothing to confess
I want to get away from this prison
In chains that keep me from leaving
I want to see the other side
Just a peek, hoping for a chance
Even if you won’t love me
No matter where you take me
Even for a moment
Asking nothing in return
I wish you could hear me
Why can’t you hear me?
here’s the movie trailer


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