writing it all down

i write these painful hardships of mine

these sufferings i have endured for so long

i write it all. keep it locked in. on paper

to ease the pain. to lessen the burden i feel

yet i doesn’t seem to work

the hate. the negativities keep piling up

like a brick wall. higher and higher it stands

hiding me away from reality

secluding me. suffocating. eating my soul up

until there’s nothing left

no one will ever come to my rescue

no one will help me ease the pain

no one but this paper of mine

and my loyal ballpen at hand

these material things are all  i have

keep me company. keeping me sane.

until this. this. brings me down

and bury me alive

kill me. hate me. i dont care

burn me. bleed me. shoot me.

that’s all fine

i dont care anymore

as long as i die


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