The feel of death

The feel of death is in here
Loneliness and gloom
Surrounding everywhere
No more visits
No more laughter and joys
Just the god of death
Waiting for it’s turn
The well lit room doesn’t give out much light
Doesn’t give out the hope they need
Their futures are all crowded
Crowded with fear and hopelessness
And most of the time death
The future’s bleak
And lying there for days
Makes them all too weak
This is their everyday life
Hope is bleak
And death is near
They can only hope
For a peaceful death

This poem was inspired by a visit in the nuerological ward of a hospital. You can only imagine how they’re all doing and coping at that place. It’s really sad. And the feel of the place is really very heavy. We can only pray for them and hope for the best.


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