wondering how you are

i wonder why we never talked since we’re both online

you must be so busy you never have the time

i watch your online status light up and fade

only to find out you never really cared


times like this makes me wish i was with you

hoping you’d find comfort in the things i do

like how we walked and talked in those couple of days we shared

and how i missed you every single day since then

i know you’re very happy the way things are

and i wish you more happiness in the days to come

so for now i say goodbye to the past

and hello to the future, i hope it lasts.


27 thoughts on “wondering how you are

  1. It is amazing the way you convey emotions and feelings with words. I don’t even have to see your face, or hear your voice to KNOW what your feeling.

    Well done.

  2. Love can hurt. For me, I had my first (and only) unrequited love before the internet was so important — it was bad enough never hearing from him again — I’m sure it would be worse watching online lights come and go with no message. I like the poem, and thank you for sharing.

  3. aw i am so touched by this poem XD, longing for someone to notice and always caring for the special someone, it been a wonderful read πŸ™‚ Thank yo so much for sharing such a wonderful piece!=D

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