last song

this song’s all i have for you

yet i don’t even know where to start

looking for my inspiration

you’re all i see

waiting in desperation

i can’t flee

this song’s all i ever sing

as my heartbeat dances with the tune

i hope you hear this dance through the moon

it’s taking me too long

just to finish this one last song

and as i close my eyes and dream

memories flood my mind like a stream

i’m singing my heart out

can’t you hear me?

i’m writing these emotions down

don’t you see?

i’m waiting for your reply

i’m drowning

wishing for just one chance

aren’t you listening?

as this song approaches the last lines

all i want you to hear are my last cries

my heart beat’s playing the tunes

sing with me

this song will end so soon

just stay with me


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