This is What You Wanted

Why are you so dissatisfied?
I’m trying my best here
Can’t you see?
I’m doing all I can
Do you want me to bleed?
You’re pushing me too far
Do you want me gone?
There’s no more hope
That’s all I can see
I’m leaving you now
Don’t wait for me
This is what you wanted
This is what you chose
Leave me now
Don’t cling no more
I don’t want you back
Being free is all I ask for
This is my last goodbye
I don’t wanna see your face anymore
Am I holding you back?
I guess I don’t really care after all


2 thoughts on “This is What You Wanted

  1. Nice poem you have here. I think you are on the brink of breaking up with your special someone. If you really are in love, never hesitate to meet halfway. but if all else fails, don’t jump, just stay put and recover with pride.

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