soul mate

this feels really weird

‘coz you’re not supposed to mean anything to me

yet i’m missing you

just seeing your face calms my nerves

having a conversation with you

would be fun, comforting

it’s like the feeling of home

after a long travel

it’s really weird i feel this way towards you

i can see you and sense you from a far

like a radar, connecting myself to you

i believe we have this some kind of connection we both feel

it’s not really romantic

nor is it platonic

it’s something mutual

something more to that

the feeling of being complete

and finding your other half

i can make a lot of poems for you

if this is all i’d do

just seeing and being with you

im already complete

and fulfilled


2 thoughts on “soul mate

    • wow O.O you flatter me a lot! im really really thankful and motivated by your kind words.. thank you super! 😀

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