gangsta trippin’

you can never be broke. i was born broke and living it till now
youre not making sense
im just making a very interesting conversation
i dont get it though, how can you be broke?
well, born and raised like a real gangsta and livin’ down the streets since then. representin mah hood like a real OG tripple
you see, being a gangsta is in mah blood, foe shizzle
it doesnt suit a white chinese guy like you
im  a chigga, yah heard? a chinese nigah
fo real, nigah aint trippin
your looks doesnt fit in
you trippin dawg? you aint mah white folk
you can tell me shit if yah mah pimp, but you trippin like automatic systematic son
you’re good with rhymes but you dont know the times
there aint no time for gangstas like me. what time ya got? rolex and shit? all the time i know is the time for getting down.
yo gangsta in disguise i know yah foolin around
i dont know what yah saying, all i know is you’re one fine girl
yo nigah from the block, yah know what yah saying but yah dont know how to act
act like a baller live like a pimp
and how am i suppose to react on your stupid tact?
fill me in
the deeper we go, the livelier we flow

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