I’m studying statistics
But these words keep flooding my ears

I’m writing you a song
But this is all I hear

There’s a 100% probability
That your z-scores all add up to zero
You’re my one and only standard deviation

Imagining you’re always at the peak
If my normal curve holds true

You’re my population mean
That I can always lean on

My t-scores doesn’t help a lot
My confidence interval is at 99%

You’re the only standard error
In my sampling distribution of two means
My degrees of freedom varies

I don’t have your sigma
So I tend to use my t-distribution

I don’t need a one-tailed test when I’m with you
Even the two-tailed test doesn’t seem to fit you

My means and median always mix when I’m with you
I don’t know what to do

I’m studying statistics
But all I can think of is you

25 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. Merging mathematics into poetry; I never saw it coming. Very creative of you to do so and you did it nicely. well done and that fella must be one of a kind, I must say.


  2. How fun! Reminded me of all I’ve forgotten (chosen to forget) but remember enough to enjoy it. Be glad you’re studying it in the age of computers. Imagine having to do all the calculations yourself…but then, I’m giving away my age, aren’t I?

  3. Beautiful adaptation of Math. Personally I can’t follow math and only recognized some of the language but you made me want to add me into the equation bringing my own variable. Great work luv.

  4. I loved reading your Poem.. I was a Quality Evaluator and the “jargons” took me back to my Convergys days.. Lovely poem..

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