Play It Safe, or Else You Might End Up Like Someone I Know.

We all have our sexual fantasies and desires. It may be the girl at the bar wearing kinky clothes, or the guy who jogs at the oval every afternoon. Whatever it may be, it is only natural to have such sexual desires and to look lustfully at another, and it is part of our evolution and sexual selection for survival. But some people abuse this reasoning for self-gratification, that’s why we have pornography, it’s a multimillion dollar industry, add up our ever advancing technology, and what do you get? Homemade porn.

It’s really common, everybody does it, using every means possible and it’s relatively easy to do. That’s why we have lots of scandals; they’re so common no one really notices them anymore, no one unless they’re celebrities. Just like the most popular sex scandal to hit the Philippines which caused a lot of commotion and violent reactions. What am I talking about? Well I’m talking about the very popular katrina-hayden-maricar sex scandal.

I don’t normally watch porn but their video was something that I had to see. Everyone was talking about it; it was such a big hit that if they could have only copyrighted it then they could have made millions selling those DVD’s.

What’s my point? Everyone has their own sex videos but why did Hayden’s made the biggest ratings that even reached the court? Oh, because there wasn’t any consent from Katrina Halili thus resulting into a big issue of women’s rights and of the poor ex-Dr. Hayden Kho’s revoked medical license, too bad for him his simple pleasures turned out to be a big downfall. Add up the issues of him having voyeurism, but is it really true? Let’s find out.

Voyeurism is a psychosexual disorder wherein a person derives sexual pleasures and gratifications from looking at unsuspecting victim’s naked bodies and genitals, observing sexual acts, or just the mere concept of undressing. With what Hayden did, he took the videos of these unsuspecting women while having sex with him; these women are unsuspecting because they didn’t know that they were being filmed. And when Hayden watches these videos by himself, this results into a voyeuristic act.

We don’t exactly know if he does this just for the sake of sexual gratification through watching these videos, or why he makes these videos in the first place. It may be a part of his sexual escapades as souvenirs or just a collection for himself. We may never really know for sure, thus we can’t really accuse him of being a voyeur. And besides, all of us have those naughty moments wherein we’d want to do kinky stuff just for the sake of thrill, either way, it’s still human nature. It all depends on how you see it. Just don’t forget to play it safe or you might end up like Hayden Kho.


4 thoughts on “Play It Safe, or Else You Might End Up Like Someone I Know.

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    I encourage you to link in 3 poems (not necessarily related to the theme), them more you share, the happier we are…
    Thanks for the treats.

  2. A sincere exploration of a sensitive and voatile issue. I actually don’t agree with several points and I’m not familiar with the case, but it’s probably good for your community to have some discourse … would suggest that this is all unhealthy obsession and interests need to be broadened.

    This man in my view – just given what you’re saying here – should be punished for infringing on privacy … doesn’t matter whether he kept it to himself or not. He must get consent. In our country (U.S.A.), a young gentleman just committed suicide out of the shame of just such an infringement of his privacy rights. He’s not the first. And think of their families as well …

    I don’t think people are becoming numb to these events of abuse, nor do I think the fact of their increasing frequency and visibility makes them okay. “Everybody doing it” – I don’t think so – and in any event it is a morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankcrupt activity… reprehensible …. especially so when we face challenges like environment, human rights abuses, wars, hunger and so on … important issues that need addressing and solutions to mitigate the severe suffering of others. This business is a waste of time … pure and simple.

    Good for you for bravely tackling the tough touchy topic though … I’m sure you recognized you were inviting disagreeement.

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